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At Battle Grounds Adventure Activities, we take pride in being the only UKARA registered airsoft site in and around Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire. Our "Bunker 31" is not just a location; it's a hub for a fantastic community of local players who gather for heart-pounding skirmishes every Sunday (except the last Sunday of the month). 

Whether you are a seasoned pro with your own AEG, sniper rifle or airsoft pistol or fancy trying airsoft for the first time - you'll receive a warm welcome at "The Bunker" at Battle Grounds. We have limited sets of rental equipment available for each shoot so please get in touch early to avoid disappointment.

Availability to book online for Walk on event - every Sunday except last one of the month. 

Thursday to Saturday & Last Sunday of the month - availability for FUN sessions (hire only) - minimum number of players required to run the session is 6.

If you wish to book on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday please get in touch. 

We have NEW evening session available all Summer 6pm - 9pm 

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  • Airsoft guns

    Also known as airsoft replicas, are designed to closely resemble real firearms but are modified to shoot plastic BBs. These guns operate on various principles, including spring-powered, electric (AEG), or gas-powered mechanisms.

  • BIO BB's only!

    Airsoft BBs are small, spherical pellets. They come in various weights and are used as ammunition for airsoft guns. Common BB weight include 0.2 0.25 and 0.28 . Our rental equipment use 0.2 bio bb's.

  • Safety Gear

    Safety is paramount in airsoft. Players are required to wear protective eye protection like sealed googles & solid bottom mask or full face mesh mask / paintball mask to prevent injuries from BB impacts.

  • Sportsmanship and Honour Code

    Airsoft relies heavily on the honour system. Players are expected to call themselves out when hit and follow the rules of engagement. Good sportsmanship and respect for fellow players are integral to the airsoft community.

  • Gameplay and Scenarios

    Airsoft games simulate military scenarios, law enforcement operations, or other combat situations. Players engage in team-based or free-for-all skirmishes, often with specific objectives or mission-based scenarios.

All the Gear The Equipment

Our game zones Visit our maps

Navigate through diverse landscapes, from dense forests to urban scenarios, creating a dynamic and engaging experience in every game.

Village of the Damned

Village of the Damned Gallery Featured Image

Use all of your stealth and agility to sneak through the Village un-detected by the enemy. Deliver the VIP, attack the church, eliminate all of the opposition or hold the guard towers to win! 

With 4 towers, dozens of huts, a church, graveyard, Shrek's toilet and lot's of cover this game zone is also home to our Battle Grounds Adventure Activities favourite's "Crazy Graveyard" and "Church on Time" created especially for those stag and hen parties.

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Trench Warfare

Village of the Damned Gallery Featured Image

Bigger and better than ever dive into a network of 6ft deep trenches dodging enemy claymore's to stamp out the opposition.

"Dig for Victory because Battle Grounds needs you!"

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Doomsday Mayan Temple

Village of the Damned Gallery Featured Image

Step back a few thousand years to a time of Holy Temples and Gods of the Underworld. 

In a game dominated by our NEW 3 story temple your team will need all of their wit and cunning to wipe out the enemy and clinch victory by storming the sacred grounds.

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Castle Chaos

Village of the Damned Gallery Featured Image

With two levels, two stair cases, four entrance points and plenty of places to hide our Castle Chaos game zone is guaranteed to require your team to work carefully together to launch and attack against your enemies to see who's worthy of holding the Castle for once and for all.

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The Oilfield

Village of the Damned Gallery Featured Image

Unique to Battle Grounds this is our most intimidating game scenario - dozens of oil drums and metal bunkers make this a high impact, high volume setting!

A rival mob of roughnecks are looking to take over the oil fields. Dominate key positions in King of the Hill, capture the flag or wipe out all of the opposition to claim victory and rights to the riches!

Well we are in Aberdeen afterall!

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Behind Enemy Lines

Village of the Damned Gallery Featured Image

Featuring a to-scale Chinook helicopter this game zone was NEW to Battle Grounds in 2012.  Enemy troops have taken down a chopper with one of your comrades still inside. Sent deep into enemy territory, and with limited time before the enemy take him hostage, your team must make a daring rescue. 

So what are you waiting for? "Get to Zeeee Choppaaaaa!"

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Airsoft Walk on

Village of the Damned Gallery Featured Image

Airsoft skirmish is a recreational activity and a sport that simulates military or law enforcement scenarios using replica firearms. Participants use airsoft guns, which are realistic-looking replicas that shoot bio pellets. 

The primary focus of airsoft skirmish is to engage in mock battles, often in outdoor or indoor environments, with objectives and rules similar to military simulations or tactical games.

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Airsoft Walk on - every Sunday except last Sunday of the month. 

Individual players and groups are welcome to book online if they require airsoft equipment hire. If you have your own equipment feel free to turn up without a booking. 

Players with their own equipment

The standard Green Fee for the day is £30.00 per person. If you are new to the Bunker please take a moment to read through the Airsoft FAQ's.

Fun sessions (hire only) are available Thursday to Saturday & every last Sunday of the month. We would need a minimum of 6 players to run the session. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Booking for walk on events

Every Sunday except last Sunday of the month

Airsoft Walk on + equipment

£50.00 / per person
From 9 am till 4:30 pm

This Package is created for Players who would like to join our Sunday's games. 

Available dates you can find by visiting page BOOK NOW! 

We will provide you with an M4 replica with a full magazine approx. 450 bio bb's 

Camo overall and full-face mesh mask are included. 

If it's your first game with us, our Ref will explain to you how to use and care of the equipment. 

If you have any questions please feel free to challenge our staff on the day or give us a call now! 



  • Fully Automatic AEG M4 Carbine
  • Full Magazine
  • Full face mask
  • Full safety and game instructions
  • Camo coveralls
  • Ref Supervision
Perfect For
Adventure Seeker, New Airsofter.

Airsoft Walk ON - with own gear

£30.00 / per person

This Package is created for Players with their own equipment. 

Check available dates for upcoming events by visiting the BOOK NOW page.  

You can join our Walk-ON events but we will ask you to book your space via the website. 

Booking is essential, you can call us or message that you will be joining the game. 

Gates open at 8 am, games will start at 10 am. 

Burgers are available for your lunch £4.00 each 

We will play till approx. 4:30 pm 


  • Ref Supervision
  • Day full of gaming
Perfect For
The player with own equipment.

Booking for FUN session

Available Thursday to Saturday & last Sunday of the month

Full Day Airsoft- Private event

£45.00 / per person
9 am till 4:30 pm

Package available during the weekdays and Saturdays only. 

Get in touch with the preferred date, we will open populate your event on our system. 

A whole day shooting your mates with BB's incorporating a range of fall-back, deathmatch and mission-based games.

Day start at 9 am till 4:30 pm

You can order fresh butcher beef burgers or hotdogs. Lunch approx. 12:30 pm 

To arrange your event please get in touch! 

If you would like to join a bigger group check available dates and equipment in the BOOK NOW section and join us for full-day gaming with players that will help you understand more about Airsoft at Bunker 31! 

  • Fully automatic AEG M4 Carbine
  • Full Magazine
  • Full face mask
  • Camo coveralls
  • Full safety and game instructions
  • Ref Supervision
Perfect For
Hen/Stag do's, Team building events, Family day out (12+), Group of friends.

Half day Airsoft

£35.00 / per person
3 hours gaming

This Package is for private events only. 

You can book your group for Airsoft 3h Adventure every day except Sunday! 

If you would like to book this package, get in touch we will open availability on our website for you! 

  • Fully Automatic AEG M4 Carbine
  • Full Magazine
  • Full face mask
  • Full safety and game instructions
  • Camo coveralls
  • Ref Supervision
Perfect For
Birthday Parties, Hen and Stag do's, Corporate events.

Teen Paintball Adventure Package!

£320.00 (Upto 8 players)

Are you looking for an exhilarating experience for your teenagers? Look no further! Our Teen Paintball Adventure Package offers an unforgettable 3-hour session of adrenaline-pumping fun, specially designed for teens. 

  • 5-6 games (mixed with other groups)
  • Entry & equipment rental
  • Camo overall
  • Marshal supervision
  • 500 paintballs each
  • Delicious hot dogs & can of juice/ water
Perfect For
Ideal for parents looking to treat their teens to an exciting day out with friends, this package is perfect for group bookings. Gather your teen's squad and let them enjoy an action-packed paintball adventure they'll talk about for weeks!


Get Ready Key Information

What do I need to bring


Comfortable shoes ready to get a bit muddy.

Warm layers of clothing.

Gloves (glove hire available).

Full face mask protection or sealed googles and solid bottom (players with own gear). 


Please take care to read our site Rules and FAQ documents - we take safety very seriously on site and our standards are much higher than many other sites in this respect

Requirements & Information

Minimum Age:

12 Years and up


Pyrotechnics (smoke grenades and flash bangs) for use by players 18 years and older


Booking Essential for equipment hire on organised shoot days


Helpful Tips

  • Bring gloves if it's chilly

  • Be sure to arrive with plenty of time to chronograph your own guns

  • Follow us on Facebook via our dedicated "Bunker 31" Airsoft Aberdeen Facebook page for all the latest pictures and event dates

When is next walk on event? See our 2024 events calendar

Check our FPS limits - below.

Download your own 2024 Bunker 31 calendar

Airsoft FAQ's


Q. Does it hurt?

Although the fps limit is higher than paintball, because the mass of the BB’s is significantly less it hurts much less than paintball.


Q. What is the minimum age to play Airsoft?

You must be 12 years or older to play airsoft.

All players under 18 must be signed in by a parent or guardian.


Q. I don’t have my own equipment - what are my options?

We offer rental equipment for £15.00 per day which includes a fully automatic AEG, magazine, full face mask and coveralls. In order to purchase a RIF (Replica Imitation Firearm) you must be UKARA registered. As the only UKARA registered site in Aberdeenshire you can gain you membership with us following attendance at 3 games within a 2 month period.


Q. What time do the games run and how long does each game last?

Players start arriving from 08:30am and the day runs through until between 16:00 and 16:30 depending on light conditions. You’ll play a number of games throughout the day which each last between 20 and 40 minutes.


Q. What is the site FPS limit?

350 fps for AEG’s and 500 fps for sniper rifles with a 20m engagement distance. All guns will be chronographed at the start of the day and we also do spot checks. It is each player’s responsibility to make sure their gun is shooting at an appropriate fps level.


Q. Can I bring my own BB’s?

You’re more than welcome to take your own BB’s please remember they must be bio!

Although we also stock a range of weights on site too. #shoplocal #supportlocal



Q. How much are BB’s on the day?

Subject to availability and brand. 

Around £18.00 for 3600 bio bb's (0.20) 


Q. Do you sell pyrotechnics?

We have a great range of pyrotechnics on site including 90 second smoke grenades, mark 5 flash bangs and BB grenades. You must be 18 years or older to buy and use pyrotechnics on site.

Parents are welcome to buy pyrotechnics for FUN session (hire only) -Marshals are at your service, they are trained to handle these devices with the utmost care, ensuring a thrilling yet secure experience for everyone on the battlefield.


Q. Do I need to wear protective gear?

The only key price of protective equipment we ask all players to wear is full face protection. This can be in the form of a full face mask or sealed goggles and metal mesh. Your safety is the single most important thing to us and we take the wearing of full face protection seriously – if other sites don’t care enough to make you cover up that’s their choice – but we do!

For FUN session (hire only) protective gear is included in the package! 


I have my own equipment do I need to pre-book?

If you have your own equipment, feel free to turn up without the booking and pay green fee on arrival ( Walk on events only - every Sunday except last Sunday of the month). 

Make sure to arrive early as we need to chrono your equipment.


What is FPS?

FPS stands for "Feet Per Second," and in the context of airsoft and firearms, it refers to the speed at which projectiles, such as bullets or airsoft BBs, travel. The measurement is used to quantify the muzzle velocity or initial speed of a projectile as it exits the barrel of a gun or airsoft gun.

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