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Mini Paintball

Our mini-paintball activity is the perfect choice for children aged 8 years to 12 years. Interested in trying out a lower velocity version of our paintballing activity.

Using low-velocity paintball guns designed with younger players in mind, groups of 6-14 players can take on some classic paintball games on our fantastic game zones as part of a fun session or party package.



Our Zones Our Areas

Find yourself in one of these areas

Behind Enemy Lines

Village of the Damned Gallery Featured Image

Featuring a to-scale Chinook helicopter this game zone was NEW to Battle Grounds in 2012.  Enemy troops have taken down a chopper with one of your comrades still inside. Sent deep into enemy territory, and with limited time before the enemy take him hostage, your team must make a daring rescue. 

So what are you waiting for? "Get to Zeeee Choppaaaaa!"

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Village of the Damned

Village of the Damned Gallery Featured Image

Use all of your stealth and agility to sneak through the Village un-detected by the enemy. Deliver the VIP, attack the church, eliminate all of the opposition or hold the guard towers to win! 

With 4 towers, dozens of huts, a church, graveyard, Shrek's toilet and lot's of cover this game zone is also home to our Battle Grounds Adventure Activities favourite's "Crazy Graveyard" and "Church on Time" created especially for those stag and hen parties.

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Doomsday Mayan Temple

Village of the Damned Gallery Featured Image

Step back a few thousand years to a time of Holy Temples and Gods of the Underworld. 

In a game dominated by our NEW 3 story temple your team will need all of their wit and cunning to wipe out the enemy and clinch victory by storming the sacred grounds.

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Trench Warfare

Village of the Damned Gallery Featured Image

Bigger and better than ever dive into a network of 6ft deep trenches dodging enemy claymore's to stamp out the opposition.

"Dig for Victory because Battle Grounds needs you!"

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Castle Chaos

Village of the Damned Gallery Featured Image

With two levels, two stair cases, four entrance points and plenty of places to hide our Castle Chaos game zone is guaranteed to require your team to work carefully together to launch and attack against your enemies to see who's worthy of holding the Castle for once and for all.

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The Oilfield

Village of the Damned Gallery Featured Image

Unique to Battle Grounds this is our most intimidating game scenario - dozens of oil drums and metal bunkers make this a high impact, high volume setting!

A rival mob of roughnecks are looking to take over the oil fields. Dominate key positions in King of the Hill, capture the flag or wipe out all of the opposition to claim victory and rights to the riches!

Well we are in Aberdeen afterall!

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Choose Your Package Prices & Packages

We offer fun sessions or party packages which run over 2 hour slots. Have a look over the mini-paintball package information below.

If you are booking Party Package please make sure all 14 spaces are available. 

If there is only 4 spaces left, please give us a call we can check if we are able to run two parties at the same time. 

Fun Sessions & Parties

Mini Paintball Fun Session

£28.00 / per person
2 hours (90 minutes of paintball time)

An action packed 2-hour mini-paintball session complete with full equipment, coveralls and unlimited ammunition using the wonderful Valken mini paintball gun.

Play games like capture the flag or humans vs zombies on multiple game zones e.g Castle and Trenches. 

Suitable for players aged 8 - 12. 

Why not invite your friends and family to join you for adventure at Battle Grounds! 

Check availability, if you have any requests please give us a call.  


  • Valken mini paintball gun
  • Camouflage coveralls
  • Full face mask and body armour
  • Unlimited ammunition
  • 5-6 action packed games
  • Full safety rules
Perfect For
Players 8- 12 year old

Mini Paintball Party Package

£260.00 (Upto 14 players)
60 minutes of mini-paintball followed by party time!

Adrenaline filled 60 minutes of in-game mini-paintball fun followed by a party including juice and crisps.

You are welcome to bring your own Cake/Cupcakes 

You are more than welcome to bring your own party food to the hut! 

Play 5 action-packed games on a range of game zones.

Perfect for groups -14 players. Parents are welcome to watch the game or join the fun at Battle Grounds! 

Add an additional player for only £15.00 pp (We can accommodate up to 22 players) 



  • Valken mini paintball gun
  • Full face mask and body armour
  • Camouflage coveralls
  • Unlimited ammunition
  • Ref Supervision during the games
  • Juice
  • Crisps
Perfect For
Parties for children 8 years and older


Get Ready Key Information

Requirements & Information

Minimum Age:
8 Years

Pyrotechnics (smoke grenades and flashbangs) for use by players 18 years and older

Our Marshalls are trained in pyrotechnics and can use them for your Children to add atmosphere to their party!  

Group size:
6 - 14 players (larger groups can be accommodated on request)

Our Paintballs:

We use 100% Biodegradable paintballs which don't stain clothes washing out easily.

Helpful Tips

  • Try and encourage your groups to arrive 15 minutes before your booked time
  • If you've booked a party package you are welcome to bring your own cake/cupcakes together with extra snacks. 
  • If you've booked a fun session we will have benches ready for you in our safe zone/reception.

What do I need to bring


  • Comfortable shoes ready to get a bit muddy
  • Warm layers of clothing
  • Gloves (glove hire available)



Although we provide full body camo coveralls it's always a good plan to take a change of clothes incase the heaven's open - we are in Scotland afterall!


Download one of our paper birthday party invites, stamped with the Battle Grounds seal of approval.


What is Mini-Paintball?

Mini-paintball is a relatively new activity designed with children too young to participate in full paintball in mind. Players use lower velocity paintball guns and smaller paintballs which have a much lower impact rating than a standard paintball. 

Players will play a range of game types including capture the flag and team death match, just like normal paintball, although mini-paintball groups never mix with normal paintball players.


What equipment is provided?

Each player is issued with a Valken mini-paintball gun, ammunition, hopper and a full face mask. 


How many paintballs do we get?

Unlimited paintballs are supplied for your session.


How many people do I need to play?

We run mini-paintball sessions for groups between 6 and 14 players. Provided players are 8 - 12 year old. You are more than welcome to take adults or children along to join in the fun.


Is it safe for all children?

Definitely! All players are supplied with full body coveralls and full face goggles which protect players face and eye areas. We're very strict on safety at Battle Grounds and every single player is carefully safety briefed before the start of each session. This attention to safety continues right through your session as our staff supervise each and every moment players are on the field.


Why choose Battle Grounds?

You are choosing a party or fun session with the best in the business. We pride ourselves on great facilities, highly trained and friendly staff and a real attention to safety and detail. We're based between Banchory and Westhill so just 15 minutes from Aberdeen City Centre and sign posted using our Visit Scotland signage too. 


How do I book a session or party?

Simply click on the "Book Now" icons via the website and follow the instructions or give us a call. 

We require a £10.00 deposit per person so make a booking with balances payable on the day.


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